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What is OCRS?

The Operator Compliance Risk Score system (OCRS) has been developed by DVSA as a way of assigning goods and passenger vehicle operators a rating that allows enforcement officers to identify which vehicles are most likely to be non-compliant.
The 'traffic light' system which is used at the roadside flags operators as having a green, amber or red status, with those that are green are most likely to be compliant and those that are red generally less compliant. Usually an operator with a red score is more likely to be checked
An operator's status depends on a roadworthiness score and a traffic enforcement score. These scores are calculated from data collated from previous events and tests. Or if you're a new operator, predictive scores are used.
How can I improve my OCRS?
If you e-mail your OCRS score to Novadata then we can advise you on a course off action to improve your score.



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