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Driver Drivers Qualification Card Countdown
10 September 2014
10 September 2019

Time is FAST approaching when ALL LGV Drivers must by law carry a Drivers Qualification Card (DQC).

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Having been granted accreditation as an Approved Driver CPC Centre with many courses accredited for delivery, Novadata is now in a position to offer structured, professional and client specific Driver CPC training that FULLY meets the EU Directive.

"Training ‘on site' or at your chosen location, anywhere, anytime"

Great deals for agency drivers and owner drivers, your Driver CPC from £44.75 per session.

Now is the time to take advantage of this unique offer – Get together up to 20 of your colleagues, decide where and when you want the training, telephone us and we'll do the rest. We'll invoice you £895.00 plus VAT plus £8.75 DSA upload fee per driver.

It also works for companies with only 2 or 3 drivers, get together with your friends and colleagues to a total of no more than 20, it's an extremely cost effective way to achieve your 35 hours of periodic training, each of Novadata's approved courses lasts 7 hours (apart from ADR).

After you've completed 35 hours you'll get your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) and it could have cost you as little as £267.50
Guide to Driver CPC
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Other Bespoke Courses Available On Request.

Excisting PCV Drivers Periodic Training Requirements

From 10 September 2008 all existing PCV drivers (10th September 2009 for LGV) will have to complete Periodic Training that provides them with recorded evidence that they have attended a minimum of 35 Hours over five years - Novadata will be one of only a few training companies to offer a 'one stop' facility to get your front-line operational staff CPC Licenced: Dates for Drivers cpc will apear soon.

A new qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers - the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) - has been given the Government go-ahead. In future, just holding a vocational driving licence will not be sufficient for someone who wishes to drive such vehicles for a living.

The Driving Standards Agency is taking the lead in implementing EU Directive 2003/59 which requires all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers to hold a CPC in addition to their vocational driving licence. It comes into force across all European Union member states on 10 September 2008 for bus and coach drivers and 10 September 2009 for lorry drivers.

The main benefit is road safety and better qualified drivers to help reduce road casualties. Driver CPC should also bring an improved professional and positive image to the profession, attracting more people to drive buses, coaches and lorries for a living. It is aimed not only at improving the knowledge and skills of LGV and PCV drivers when they start work, but also at ensuring these skills are maintained and developed throughout their working life.

Driver CPC will require all category C and D licence holders (including C1 and D1) to take part in 35 hours training every 5 years in order to maintain their CPC. It also introduces a new initial qualification process that new drivers must complete before they can drive professionally.

Driver CPC will enable young people to enter these sectors in a safe and professional manner, from 18 years of age, subject to any licence restrictions for category D drivers.

The DSA is working closely with the trade associations for the freight and bus and coach industries, the Sector Skills Councils and other government agencies to ensure Driver CPC is implemented in a way that suits the needs of the industries.

Initial Qualification Disclaimer

Most drivers who gained their vocational licence after 9th September 2008 (PCV) or 9th September 2009 (LGV) will have to pass the Driver CPC Initial Qualification in order to obtain their Drivers’ Qualification Card (DQC)*. If you have not gained the Initial Qualification, where required, and therefore do not have a DQC you cannot have any Driver CPC training hours uploaded to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) driver database as part of the 35 hours of periodic training.
Novadata cannot accept responsibility if you attend any Driver CPC training course and it is subsequently discovered that the training hours cannot be uploaded due to the lack of attaining the Initial Qualification. We kindly request that drivers bring their DQC (together with their Driving licence and counterpart) with them when attending any Driver CPC training course at Novadata.
*Please note: drivers who gained their car licence before 1st Jan 1997 typically will have acquired rights for C1 and D1 licences and therefore do not have to gain the Initial Qualification

If you require any further information on the Driver CPC that is not contained in any of our pages, or if you wish to clarify any implications this may have for you or your company, please contact; Novadata

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