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Smart Analysis
Novadata smartanalysis provides a comprehensive solution for the management of: analogue and digital tachograph analysis, hours’ law legislation compliance, working time directive compliance.
What is Novadata smartanalysis?
Smartanalysis is the market leading Internet based analysis service for the Transport Industry. smartanalysis is 100% compatible with both analogue and digital tachographs. smartanalysis provides you with the best tools available to help you to manage your drivers' working time, and ensure that your fleet is always compliant with hours' law and WTD legislation.
Smartanalysis provides targeted analysis and reports for key personnel at every level of the organisation.

These reports can be presented both numerically and graphically, and include:
  • Infringement summary reports
  • Hours' Law analysis reports
  • Depot comparison reports
  • Chart submission reports
  • Vehicle continuity reports
  • Trend analysis and productivity reports
  • Exception reports
  • Bespoke reports – reports can be created to match your exact requirements
Key Benefits
Seamless transition to digital smartanalysis offers an unrivalled means of moving smoothly between the old analogue and the new digital tachographs. Because the service can handle information from both paper-based tachographs and digital tachograph smartcards, it eliminates any operational and management concerns associated with the move into the digital era.

Legislation compliance
smartanalysis makes a direct contribution towards meeting the increasing and changing legal and regulatory obligations, including compliance with:
  • HGV Drivers Hours Law
  • Domestic Drivers Hours Law
  • Working Time Directive
  • PCV Drivers Hours Law
  • Operational process streamlining
Suits operations of all sizes – 'one size fits all'
Smartanalysis is equally suitable for small, single-site operations, through to large multinational organisations spanning many geographic locations.

Universal and immediate accessibility
Because the smartanalysis system is Internet-based, with access available to all relevant and approved personnel, the data contained can be utilised at any time and from any location. This means delays in waiting for reports to be analysed and returned have become a thing of the past, allowing for instant centralised management of drivers, vehicles and tachograph data.

High levels of security
Internet only access – with strict password and accessibility controls – means that all tachograph information is held in an extremely safe, secure and centralised environment. All data is securely stored and backed-up.

Key features
The following features mean that smartanalysis is the best choice for your fleet:
  • Central management of analogue and digital data
  • Drivers can send data from any company location
  • Reading driver cards is extremely simple – no computer skills required
  • Instant summary of driver activities in the depot
  • Real-time analysis and reporting of digital data
  • Capture and secure storage of data from smartcards
  • Capture and secure storage of data from Vehicle Unit
  • Retrieve original digital data
  • Analogue and digital data automatically combined

What you need for the Digital Tachograph
Smartanalysis requires minimal IT investment. You will typically need for each location using digital tachographs:
  • smartcard reader
  • vehicle unit download device
  • Internet-enabled computer running Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • The smartanalysis Downloader software (Free)
We will be happy to discuss these requirements with you in more detail.
Price: £0.25 Per Day (Includes both Driver Card and Vehicle Unit Download)
Price: £0.45 Per Day (Analogue Tachograph Analysis)


Sample Reports

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