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Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

 Digivu - DIGIVU

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

The fastest VU download key on the market.  Simple to setup and use.
  • Faster downloads due to greater control (35 days in just 4 minutes*)
  • Bright and clear LED indication for memory and activity
  • Internal memory with secure communication. Be 100% free of viruses.
  • Compact, robust and key ring mountable design
  • digivu can manage its own files
  • Accurate ‘Since Last’ functionality as digivu stores details on 300+ vehicles
  • Simple firmware upgrade process


*download time was taken for a typical vehicle with a Siemens VU.

Technical Specifications 

  •  Serial connection to VU
  •  Serial to USB docking station
  •  Powered by VU or USB
  •  USB Cable
  • Dimensions; H12mm, W:24mm, L:78mm
  •  Key ring mountable
  •  Windows configuration software
  •  Upgradeable firmware via supplied software
  •  Plugs straight into digipostpro for remote sending
  •  Includes VDO additional data (e.g. 4hz speed data)
  •  Robust plastic casing

Price including VAT: £160.80

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 Digifobpro Digital Tacho Download Device & Card Reader - DIGIFOBPRO

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

Digifobpro Digital Tacho Download Device & Card Reader
  • Full Driver Card analysis against EU Drivers’ Hours Law
  • Detailed Vehicle analysis
  • Colour backlit screen
  • Direct USB connection for download, charging, settings and updates
  • 3GB of storage for thousands of tachograph files
  • Real time clock
  • Detailed graphical reporting
  • Fast processing
  • Robust rubber cove
  • Bluetooth capabilities (Android)

Does not need to be connected to a computer to download data from drivers card or vehicle unit. 

Data is  stored, for  downloading to a computer as and when required:  (Software may be required)

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Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

The power of digivu has been combined with our card reading technology to give you a low cost yet highly efficient way to download Vehicle Unit and Driver Card data. Upgrade your digivu purchase to a digivu+ and you gain instant Driver Card upload and temporary storage. The digivu+ is powered by an independent battery source, in turn powering the digivu.

digivu will store all of the Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data until you connect it to a PC. When you connect to a PC all of the data is automatically downloaded by our proprietary software, digiconnect. The digivu is supported by all the major UK analysis bureau. No additional software setup, beyond the standard digivu setup, is required to support digivu+

Key Features:

  • Download any EU Driver Card
  • Wires free mobile solution
  • Requires a standard digivu to operate
  • Automatic card operation
  • Led indicator
  • Robust plastic casing
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries, very long battery life
Available from July 2011



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 Digipostpro - DIGIPOSTPRO

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

The Minimum Legal Requirement

It is the legal requirement to download data from both the vehicle’s Digital Tachograph Unit and the driver’s card. This can prove to be a logistical nightmare when driver and vehicles are spread across the country.

Simple to Set Up & Easy To Use

With digipostpro you can choose between the GPRS (mobile network) or local area network (LAN) versions. Digipostpro can be mounted to the wall using fixings provided and is relatively simple to configure.

Digivu – Download Key

The digipostpro comes with its own dedicated Download Key, the digivu. The digivu is one of the fastest Download Keys on the market, is simple to use and is highly configurable. The digipostpro also supports the digifobpro.

Full EU Drivers Hours Law Rules Built In

The display keeps drivers informed of the progress throughout the brief upload process and in turn informs them of any recent driver’s hour’s infringements. The unit can even provide company messages to the driver when required.

Typical Uses For Digipostpro

Digipostpro was specifically designed for remote sites with limited IT infrastructure. Digipostpro can be totally standalone and placed in any position. Drivers can have constant access and can therefore upload their own data without fuss. For organisations with a large single site or fully networked locations there is a LAN version of the digipostpro.

Technical Features

• LCD display (70mm X 40mm)
• Serial connection for digifobpro
• Automatic built in driver card reader
• Robust plastic casing
• Dimensions; H:120mm, W:210mm, D:40mm
• 12 volt power supply
• Internal GPRS modem or TCPIP network module
• Wall mounting with four concealed fixing points
• 1 year return to base warranty

This item is not currently available for online purchase. If you wish to order this product, please contact us on 01376 552999 for latest details and pricing.

Digipost Pro PDFMore Information  

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 Digiblu - DIGIBLUE

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products


DigiBlu inserts in the front of any Digital Tachograph and utilises Bluetooth™ to provide a stream of real-time tachograph mode data to your Android mobile phone or tablet.
You simply download the free 'digifob for Android' app from the Android market, create the Bluetooth™ connection and you are ready to receive data.

The digifob for Android app. keeps track of all the Tachograph mode changes and accurately calculates your required breaks. A clear count down is displayed which turns from green to orange and then to red as your required break approaches.
You can download your driver card and Tachograph data straight to your Android mobile phone or tablet and then email it back to the office for analysis.
Price including VAT: £168.00

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 DigiFob 3 - DIGIFOB

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

 Digifob 3

Instantly view and manage your driver card data on this hand-held device which allows you to view your driver card information at any time. The bright OLED screen makes data easy and clear to view even in low light situations.
  • Last card activity
  • Last daily rest
  • Weekly rest
  • Daily rest due by advisory
  • Period of inactivity
  • Shift summary
  • Weekly summary
  • Daily rest infringements
  • Reduced daily rest infringements
  • Break infringements
  • Weekly rest infringements
  • Daily and extended daily driving infringements
  • Weekly and fortnightly drive limit infringements

Price including VAT: £59.40 

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 Digifobpro Replacement Charger - DFPCHARGE

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

Digifobpro Replacement Charger

Replacement charger for use with Digifobpro devices.
Includes both UK and EU adapters.

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 Digiserial Replacement Cable for Digifobpro - DFPC

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

Digiserial Replacement Cable for Digifobpro

Replacement cable for use with Digifobpro devices.

Allows connection between the Digifobpro and tachograph/computer digidock. 
Price including VAT: £18.00

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 Digidock2 Replacement - DIGIDOCK2

Tachosys Digital Tachograph Products

Digidock2 Replacement

Replacement dock for use with DigiVU, DigiVU+ and Digifobpro devices.
Does not include USB A-B cable.
Price including VAT: £35.88

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