Gain huge savings in time and money. Increase efficiency and productivity. Improve driver satisfaction and retention and gain a genuine competitive advantage.

New Game Changing Driver Management System

Everyone benefits with this revolutionary driver time management and tracking system. End the us vs them, management vs drivers tensions, reduce costs and improve profitability.

There's a better way ‐ and ConnectedTeam is it.

Maximise Driver Resources

ConnectedTeam delivers easy and accurate Driver Resource Management. Use the right resources on the right jobs. Give your planning teams the ability to see all their active and available drivers at any time. Make maximum use of all available resources and improve operational efficiencies to increase profitability.

Slash Costly Admin Overheads

With ConnectedTeam your drivers can submit their time sheets quickly and easily on-line, in real time. Our digital time sheets could save your transport managers and your drivers hundreds of hours on payroll admin.

Improve Management-Driver Communications and Co-Operation

Reduce disputes and grievances. Eliminate payroll errors and incorrect driver expectations, ensure driver preferences are clear and accounted for in rota planning. Deliver better manager/driver communications to reduce misunderstandings. Improve the working environment and you'll improve productivity and increase driver satisfaction and retention. Good targets drive good behaviours which can be rewarded to reinforce them.

Give Managers and Drivers Clarity of Hours and Rates

Now at last with ConnectedTeam you can calculate the true costs of drivers hours. Accurately track hours and expenses, all verified by tachograph data. Keep clear records of who drove what and when. Transport managers and drivers can see their records at any time, online.

Solve the Challenges of Compliance

Take full control over documenting driver time and working time directives. Easily manage the complexities of flexible shift start times. All your information in one place and accessible anytime.

Create One Effective Team ‐ Drivers, Management, HR

With ConnectedTeam you can dramatically improve the overall performance of your business. Eliminate the time consuming, costly drags on your business caused by inefficient, outdated driver management practices. Get your drivers, your management team and HR all driving forward together and deliver great bottom line results.

Don't ignore this real opportunity to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Contact us today to see just how ConnectedTeam will give you a real competitive advantage.

Integration with further online services

Our ConnectedTeam module can be fully integrated together with our other online transport services

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