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Driver Eyesight Evaluation Pad

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Driver Eyesight Evaluation Pad New Product!

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Since September 1st 2001, all drivers must be able to clearly read a car's number plate from a minimum of 20 metres away in order to be legally permitted to drive. If not, it is the law that the driver does not operate a vehicle under any circumstances and must have their eyesight assessed by an optician or optometrist, with the results of the check made available to the employer.

Keep this vital document on hand to regularly test your driver's eyesight, ensuring they are completely able to drive and are not putting your company and, even more importantly, the lives of other road users at risk.

  • A5 sized pad containing 25 sheets
  • Includes text explaining the law of driver eyesight, with driver and manager acknowledgement
  • Concisely written with large input boxes
  • High quality cardboard-backed design
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