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Wheel Nut Torque Record Book

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Wheel Nut Torque Record Book New Product!
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Product Code: WNTRB

The Wheel Nut Torque Record Book (25 pages duplicate) provides an accurate way to document the maintenance of wheel nuts, ensuring that they are always subject to an initial torque.  
When wheel nuts are subject to re-torque, it should be recorded that they have been re-checked for tightness, as part of the vehicle's maintenance history. This should be done, for example when nuts are refitted after a wheel change. 

The book has space to record checking after the vehicle has sat for 30 minutes whether or not it has moved, or after 25 to 50 miles (40-80 kilometers). This should be completed using a calibrated torque wrench set to the maker's original specified torque value.

Twenty Five Pages Duplicate.

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