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CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 4 - Vehicle Tracking & Remote Downloading

Price Inc VAT - £995.28
CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 4 - Vehicle Tracking & Remote Downloading New Product!

Product Code: TTCE4

CT-TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Analysis Company Kit 4 - Vehicle Tracking & Remote Downloading

The CT-TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Complete Analysis Solution Company Kit 4 is our most comprehensive standalone digital tachograph service, incorporating a 12-month subscription for both vehicle tracking and remote downloading for your fleet. The package also includes an in-vehicle device to allow remote downloading and vehicle tracking for the first vehicle. Further remote downloading and vehicle tracking in-vehicle devices are available for subsequent vehicles.  

The complete solution features our new standalone CT-TachoTEK digital tachograph analysis software, which is based on the tried and tested TachoTEK software on which many of our customers have relied successfully for many years. 

While the driver is away from base on a journey, as long as the vehicle has been fitted with the required vehicle download and tracking unit, the transport manager will be able to use a dedicated website to monitor the progress of the vehicle, view its location and track features such as fuel consumption and engine performance. They can also monitor the status of the driver in terms of their time spent driving, rest periods and other work. 

This option provides a large range of reports for board meetings and review by senior management. Real time access to fleet digital tachograph data allows transport managers to identify and intervene early in any emerging issues such as driving without a card, which may pose a threat to the security of the organisation’s O Licence. It also helps to ensure that download deadlines are never missed as downloading can still be carried out while the vehicle is out on a journey.

CT-TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Company Kit 4 is ideal for use with either passenger transport or road haulage fleets. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues using CT-TachoTEK, we provide a highly responsive support service. 

After the purchase of CT-TachoTEK software, remote download and tracking vehicle unit and initial 12 months’ remote download and vehicle tracking subscription, buyers have the option to subscribe to an ongoing remote downloading and vehicle tracking service at £155.40+VAT per vehicle, per year.  

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  • System Requirements: Can only be installed on Microsoft Windows operating systems - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

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