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CT-TachoTEK Software - Driver Edition

Price Inc VAT - £143.94
CT-TachoTEK Software - Driver Edition Novadata Exclusive


Our new, improved standalone CT-TachoTEK Software - Driver Edition, is a digital tachograph driver card analysis solution for a maximum of eight drivers, based on our highly popular TachoTEK software. Incorporating all the features of earlier editions, CT-TachoTEK now also includes a new alert for driving without a card, allowing you to identify and act on a potential serious infringement.

CT-TachoTEK can be used to display and manage data for as many drivers as required. Included in the package is a card reader, which will automatically download data when the driver card is inserted, making it available for analysis. Information about each driver is automatically collected when their digital tachograph card is inserted into the card reader supplied. The data can also be retrieved from the stand-alone programme at a later point in time, even if the card is not inserted.  

This solution would suit owner-drivers or one or two vehicle operations. Both the card reader and the software are simple to use, with a graphical interface which is both logical and easy to understand. 

CT- TachoTEK Driver Edition comprises digital tachograph driver card software and card reader.


  • Standalone software – one-off purchase – no annual subscription
  • Reading and archiving of the driver card and VU data
  • Graphical presentation of all driver card and VU data
  • Drivers’ hours and WTD infringements for the last 28 days
  • Printing of driver's infringement letters
  • Printing of drivers’ activities
  • Driver card download reminder
  • Licence dongle for added security
  • Card Reader INCLUDED
  • NEW: Includes Unnacounted Distance Report!
  • Strong, responsive IT support
  • Limited to a maximum of eight drivers only

Please note:

    • System Requirements: Can only be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11 are supported.

    • Not compatible with Macs, iPads or Chromebooks.

    • A download tool will be required to read the vehicle unit, (see our CT-TachoTEK Digital Tacho Starter Kits).
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