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Mobile Crane Drivers Exempt From Driver CPC?

Although VOSA has confirmed that mobile crane drivers will be exempt from Driver CPC, we have since received notification from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), who are responsible for the implementation of the Driver CPC scheme. Their authority supersedes VOSA, and consequently, they have overturned VOSA's decision for the following reasons:

  • The Driver CPC Regulations apply to "any person who drives a relevant vehicle... on a road"
  • Relevant vehicle is "a vehicle for which is required a driving licence of category C, C+E, D or D+E."
  • Drivers of mobile cranes, other than those which are steered by their tracks, are required to hold a valid category C licence.
  • For the exemption provided by Regulation 3(2)(g) to apply, the crane would have to form a load comprising "material or equipment", rather than be part of the structure of the vehicle.
  • The lifting equipment on a mobile crane forms an integral part of the vehicle and is therefore not "material or equipment"

The DSA has apologised for the lack of communication between DSA and VOSA regarding the earlier decision; however they have stated that the purpose of the Driver CPC scheme is to improve road safety and the safety of the driver, including when the vehicle has stopped. They are adamant that periodic training undertaken by professional drivers will help to achieve a reduction in accidents and insurance claims, which therefore will ultimately benefit employers.

Date : 01-07-2010

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