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Novadata launches Earned Recognition Preparation service

Novadata has launched a new Earned Recognition Preparation service to help organisations to prepare to apply for membership of the new DVSA Earned Recognition scheme. The company, which delivers thousands of hours of training each year for transport professionals and analyses many thousands more drivers’ hours through its tachograph analysis services, will help operators to prepare for membership of the scheme, which is setting a new standard for UK transport industry best practice. As one of the first UK companies to be listed as an accredited auditor for the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, Novadata is ideally placed to provide assistance to operators planning to apply.

"We anticipate that most organisations who apply for membership will be well on the way to achieving compliance in the key areas which the scheme highlights, but there is usually room for improvement,” says Novadata Chairman Derek Broomfield. "By working with Novadata, the operator can put themselves ahead of the curve, strengthening their processes in advance of joining the scheme, so they can confidently make a successful application for Earned Recognition.”

"Following our help, operators will be able to apply in confidence to join this excellent scheme in order to achieve DVSA Earned Recognition status,” says Broomfield.

Once their application has been accepted, Novadata, as one of the first UK companies to be listed as an accredited DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme auditor, is able to help by carrying out the initial audit which is required in order to become a full member of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.

Once an operator has become a full scheme member, they will also be able to call on Novadata to assist them with the scheme’s regular reporting requirements for both Drivers Hours and maintenance. In addition to being an auditor, Novadata is also an accredited provider of IT systems that are compatible with the Earned Recognition scheme, in the form of its market-leading web-based digital tachograph analysis services.

Operators wishing to apply for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme should talk to Novadata to determine whether they wish to use its preparation service by calling 01376 552999 or visiting These contact details should also be used by any operator wishing to book an initial audit for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme once their application has been accepted.

Story By: Novadata

Date : 31-05-2018

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