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Novadata's daily walkaround check app now provides tachograph data and driver's availability status

The handy Novadata Convey Daily Vehicle Walkaround Check app, which can be used with most smart phones, now provides an invaluable three in one service. Not only does it guide the driver step by step through the required daily vehicle check, it also provides a summary of tachograph readings for the past thirty days and also indicates the driver's availability to drive. Any infringements of Drivers Hours legislation and the Working Time Directive are clearly displayed, indicating that the driver is not eligible to drive.

This cost-effective app allows the user to add multiple vehicles and drivers to be checked and is ideal for large or small fleets. The app costs from just £1 per vehicle, per week and provides a robust record of the vehicle walkaround check. This includes precise GPS locations and timings during the check, which demonstrate that the walkaround check is entirely genuine. All the data collected can be accessed centrally by a manager by logging in securely online to the app portal. All information is available in real time, so that the depot or manager is aware of any potential infringements as they arise, allowing the issue to be addressed and compliance to be restored.

The information gathered can be used for internal reporting, but also to demonstrate compliance to enforcement agencies.

If the driver is out of range of phone signal or internet access, all data can still be recorded and will then upload to the systems and sync with the online records as soon as connectivity is restored, to provide a complete record.

Used in conjunction with our pay-as-you-use digital-only tachograph analysis service, the app now also gives access to a summary of the past thirty days of tachograph data, as well as Drivers Hours and Working Time Directive data. Again, these can be used for internal reporting, but also form invaluable documentation to demonstrate to enforcement agencies that both drivers and vehicles are compliant.

For those who prefer more traditional pen and paper records of daily vehicle checks, we provide the Novadata range of specially developed and highly popular vehicle defect record books, which cover PCVs, LGVs, vans, trailers and forklift trucks.

Story By: Novadata

Date : 13-09-2018

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