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Novadata's new Pocket Guide to Digital Tachograph Pictograms helps drivers and managers with compliance

Novadata has released a new Pocket Guide to Digital Tachograph Pictograms. The Pocket Guide is designed to help drivers and managers more easily read and understand digital tachograph displays, without constant reference back to often complex manuals.

Su Winch, Managing Director of Novadata, said, "Digital tachographs are a vital part of everyday life in the transport industry and there are well over 70 pictograms that can be displayed, as well as hundreds of variations. The Pocket Guide for Digital Tachograph Pictograms will make reading and understanding them a far more straightforward process for drivers and managers. The guide can be stored in a cab or a desk, quickly accessed for reference and easily replaced when there are changes in regulations or the technology itself. We think this is a simple idea that will be a great help to make life better in our industry."

Tachograph records provide an invaluable record of many of the key aspects of compliance in the transport industry and, in the event of a review by the Traffic Commissioner or Police, clear and well-kept records can save the reputation of a business and save individuals and companies from possible prosecution. Understanding the information on a tachograph, therefore, is fundamental. The new Pocket Guide to Digital Tachograph Pictograms will be an invaluable help to drivers and managers, while they work hard to make sure they comply with the multitude of regulations and directives that govern the transport industry. The guide can be stored in the cab or a desk, offering a cost effective and straightforward way to ensure the necessary information is easily available when it is needed.

Novadata also provides a comprehensive range of tachograph accessories and consumables, for use with all the major makes and models of both analogue and digital tachographs.

Training for drivers and managers on the correct use of tachographs is also essential, says Novadata. The company provides a dedicated training course for transport managers in the correct use of tachographs, as well as a JAUPT accredited Driver CPC course; Drivers Hours Refresher & New Digital Tachographs. These courses are suitable for both the LGV and PCV sectors.

Novadata provides one of the most extensive ranges of Driver CPC courses with topics that provide practical knowledge and best practice which can be applied in the day to day running of any transport business.

The Pocket Guide to Digital Tachograph Pictograms is just one of a number of Pocket Guides the Novadata team have launched to support busy drivers and managers in their daily pursuit to comply with the Operator Licence, Professional Competences and schemes. Also released this month is a Drivers Hours and Working Time Regulations Pocket Guide.

Both pocket guides and a wide selection of courses, as well as a full range of tachograph accessories and compliance products, can be found on the company's website.

Story By: Novadata

Date : 09-11-2018

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