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Transport Update: Drivers' hours penalties: 465% up!

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has confirmed there has been a massive increase in the number of drivers' hours fixed penalties issued from March 2018 in the first twelve months since changes were introduced - from 4,236 to 19,723 penalties. The number of roadside drivers' hours checks fell from 80,418 to 73,147.

It may be recalled that the law was revised to enable roadside fixed penalties to be issued for offences occurring not only on the occasion of the vehicle stop but for the preceding 28 days, as set out in the Ashtons Legal blog here.

Previously a driver's digital data and tachograph charts could be analysed at the roadside but any fixed penalties were confined to offences 'committed on that occasion' e.g. break offences, exceeding daily or rest breaches relating to the ability to work that day. All other offences occurring in the preceding 28 days either had to be dealt with through a Court Summons or might only otherwise potentially be dealt with through follow-up by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

The ability to 'catch' all offences has clearly seen a massive surge in penalties imposed although the maximum number of fixed penalties that can be issued remains limited to a maximum of five offences with a maximum of £300 per offence.

Novadata provides training for both drivers and managers in Drivers Hours law and the correct use of tachographs. These are available to book online.

Story By: Ashtons Legal

Date : 05-04-2019

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