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Novadata releases new publications at the CV Show

Transport specialist Novadata unveiled several new publications at this year's CV Show, designed to help transport operators to maintain their compliance in an increasingly complex transport legal framework. These new additions to Novadata's own publications are the Driver Eyesight Evaluation record book, the Driver Reprimand Book and a revised version of Novadata's Operator Compliance Record Book

These follow other recent Novadata publications: the MOT Review Document; the Safety Inspection Review Document; the Driving Without A Driver CPC Cardrecord book; and the Driving Without A Digital Tachograph Card record book. The company also promoted its Forklift Check and Defect Report book, the latest in its popular range of daily vehicle walkaround check books.

"Our new publications have been developed to assist Operators in strengthening their processes and therefore their compliance with O Licence undertakings," explains Novadata Managing Director Su Winch. "Even Operators that fully adhere to all their undertakings - which include a large number of legally binding responsibilities - don't always know how to demonstrate their compliance. Our new range has been formulated to help them to keep effective, robust records which demonstrate their firm intension to comply. In an inspection, this can make all the difference between passing with flying colours or putting the business in jeopardy."

Novadata's new publications, together with its existing range, greatly assist Operators contemplating applying for the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, but they are also invaluable for those that don't wish to participate in the scheme. "In an increasingly complex legal transport framework, it is essential that every Operator can demonstrate compliance. Their O Licence, and ultimately their business, may well depend on it," says Su Winch. 

Novadata also provides training for Operators and Transport Managers, assisting them in understanding their O Licence undertakings, and equipping them to operate legally and effectively. The company provides leading services such asanalogue and digital tachograph analysis, driving licence checks and options for completing the daily walkaround check either online or with paper-basedmethods. 

"Protecting the O Licence should be high on every Operator's list of priorities, which means that compliance should be equally high on every board agenda. We know that this is what the Traffic Commissioners are now expecting to see, and by providing a true one stop shop for training, services and transport products, we are determined to to help Transport Managers and Operators focus their energies on getting their compliance right, so that they can get on with their core business with complete peace of mind," adds Su Winch.

Story By: Novadata

Date : 30-04-2019

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