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Novadata welcomes Senior Traffic Commissioner's call for more CPD for transport managers

Transport training expert Novadata has welcomed the recent remarks by Senior Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt, in which he urged transport managers to undergo regular continuous professional development. At a recent meeting of Operators from the London and South East CPT (The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK), the Senior Traffic Commissioner, who is also Traffic Commissioner for the East of England, made the case for regular training. He stated that he expected to see transport managers taking regular two-day Transport Manager Refresher CPC courses every five years, in order to stay current with transport law and industry best practice. This is already a requirement for membership of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme and is also required, in many cases, for FORS members.

Derek Broomfield, Chairman of Novadata, welcomed this view. He said, “Drivers are now expected to undergo Driver CPC training every five years to ensure that they are adhering to best practice and it makes no sense at all for them to be better informed or better trained than their managers. Legislation for both the freight and passenger transport sectors evolves constantly, and it is essential that managers stay up to date with changes so that they can ensure that their businesses remain compliant as well as efficient.  

“A Transport Management CPC refresher course, which the Senior Traffic Commissioner was recommending, takes just two days out of the working schedule and delivers excellent benefits. For a transport manager to be effective, they must be able to lead by example, and that means being up to date on both the legal framework and best practice. This should be taken at an OCR approved facility such as the Novadata examination centre.

“We would go a stage further, and add that company directors who employ transport managers should also undergo regular training in Operator Licence Awareness. The O Licence application will invariably be made by a company director and it is they who sign and make a legally binding commitment to comply with all aspects of transport law. If infringements occur, they will, therefore, be held jointly responsible with the transport manager, so it is essential that they understand the undertakings they make when applying for the O Licence, and how to comply with them. Employing a transport manager is good business practice, but so is being aware of your legal responsibilities. Delegating should never mean taking no further interest; in fact, the health of the O Licence ought to be on the agenda of every board meeting, especially if the company could not operate effectively without an O Licence.”

Novadata runs regular Management CPC Refresher courses and Operator Licence Awareness courses at its OCR approved centre in Essex. Courses can be booked online at


Story By: Novadata

Date : 14-06-2019

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