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Novadata GB stickers help industry prepare for Brexit

Novadata has launched some durable and affordable vehicle ‘GB’ stickers, in order to aid compliance for UK registered vehicles travelling abroad once the UK has left the EU. Once Brexit has been completed, either with or without a deal, UK vehicles will be required to display a ‘GB’ sticker as they did before the introduction of the EU identifying sticker with the familiar ring of stars.

Novadata Chairman, Derek Broomfield said, “This simple compliance measure would be easy to overlook, but will be essential to ensure compliance post Brexit. We recommend that transport operators look ahead and order your GB stickers now. That’s why we have made them readily available by adding them to our product range. This one-off purchase per vehicle means that there is simply one thing less to worry about.”

Novadata transport products are available to order online from


Story By: Novadata

Date : 24-08-2019

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