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Is your DQC about to expire? Don't panic...


The Department for Transport (DfT) and the DVSA have confirmed that, due to the current Coronavirus crisis, if you have not been able to complete 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training, and your Driver Qualification Card (DQC – also known as Driver CPC card) is about to expire, you will still be able to drive for an extended period. 

If your DQC is due to expire between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020, you will be legal to drive until 30 September 2020

(Military drivers will also be allowed to drive in civilian situations during the extension period.)

Please note: you must still carry your DQC when driving, even if it has, technically, expired. 

However, you will still be required to comply with Driver CPC rules after 1 October 2020, which means that you must complete your Driver CPC training by that date. 

We will shortly be introducing our new digital format Driver CPC courses to help you complete your Driver CPC training online, before 1 October 2020

Please register your interest in taking part in our new online Driver CPC courses by calling us on 01376 55299 or email:  

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Story By: Novadata

Date : 01-04-2020

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