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UK Operator licences, management qualifications, Driver CPC and even UK driving licences may be invalid in EU countries invalid post Brexit, warns Novadata

In an open letter to transport Operators across the UK, transport training expert Novadata has called on the transport industry to lobby Government to negotiate a solution to the problems which the EU suggests will arise from a hard Brexit. The company recommends that operators start to plan ahead driver and managers’ training both in the UK and within the EU, in case no solution is reached before the expected date of Brexit.

Mark Lewin, Training Development Manager for Novadata, explains in a letter to the road transport industry that a recent European Commission (EC) Notice to Stakeholders: Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rules in the field of road transport, issued 19th January 2018 may mean that UK Management CPC qualifications, Driver CPC, UK Operator Licences and even UK driving licences will not be recognised within the remaining countries of the EU after March 2019 when the UK is due to leave, unless the UK Government can negotiate their continued recognition.
"It is essential that all companies for whom international road transport is an integral part of their business begin to lobby their MP and bring pressure to bear on the Government to ensure that the road transport industry is safeguarded when Brexit becomes a reality,” he says.

"We have provided access to the EC Notice of 19th January on the Novadata website, and we are also providing a format letter which operators can use to lobby their own MP as a matter of urgency. Operators should lobby their local MP now to put as much pressure as possible on the Government to ensure that a satisfactory agreement can be achieved to avoid this potential disruption.

"If the consequences of a hard Brexit are as outlined in the EU document, operators will need to ensure that their drivers and managers complete both UK and EU Driver CPC and hold both a UK and EU Management CPC qualification. They will also need to ensure that drivers apply for and hold international driving permits. In case this worst scenario happens, we would urge operators to start making plans to ensure that their drivers, managers and entire organisations hold the correct documentation before March 2019.”
The changes, if carried out, will also affect all drivers of cars, motorcycles, lorries and coaches for private use will also be affected.

The EU document can be seen in full on the Novadata website here.

Novadata’s letter to the transport industry can be read in full here.

Format letter to MPs is available here.

Find your local MP here.


Story By: Mark Lewin, Novadata

Date : 13-02-2018

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