Driver CPC cards: changes to when they’re sent

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Driver CPC cards: changes to when they’re sent

Driver CPC cards will no longer be immediately sent to drivers who complete their periodic training more than 12 months before their deadline.

You’ll get your new Driver CPC card straight away if you complete your training in the 12 months before your deadline.

If you complete your training more than a year early

You won’t get your new Driver CPC card until nearer the time your current card expires.

You can check when you’ll get your new card.

If you change address

You must tell DVLA you’ve changed address to make sure that your next card is sent to your new address.

You’ll have to pay £25 if it’s sent to an old address because you haven’t updated your licence.

Find out more about Driver CPC training for qualified drivers.


Date : 04-11-2016


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