OLAT Courses

If you have been granted a Restricted Operator Licence, you have agreed to the same legally binding operator undertakings, and have all the same responsibilities, as a full Operator Licence holder, even though you may be new to the transport industry. As the Director signing the application for a Restricted Operator Licence, you have personally taken on a number of legal responsibilities. It is essential that you understand and comply with all your licence undertakings and that you maintain a healthy Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS). Your business may depend on it.

You should attend an Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course when you are granted your Restricted O Licence, and again regularly, every few years, in order to ensure that you understand your legal responsibilities, stay current with industry best practice, and can fulfil your O Licence undertakings. We provide expert training courses, both classroom-based and online, to help you stay legal and compliant.