OLAT – Operator Licence Awareness Course (LGV)

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It is recommended that holders of Restricted Operator Licences attend an Operator Licence Awareness Training (also known as OLAT) course every few years. This is to ensure that they understand the legal responsibilities, called undertakings, that they agree to when making an O Licence application. Attendance at an OLAT course will also help to ensure that they have the current knowledge to help them to apply industry best practice and fulfil their undertakings. 

This is particularly important for the Company Director who signs the O Licence application, as they can be held individually legally responsible for failures to fulfil the O Licence undertakings. 

The UK Traffic Commissioners strongly advise Restricted O Licence holders to attend these courses, and they have the power to insist that they attend an OLAT course if they have failed to comply with any undertakings. They will normally stipulate that the course must be held at an approved centre such as Novadata.

£300.00 Incl. VAT
£300.00 Incl. VAT


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  • Helps Restricted O Licence holders, particularly Company Directors, to understand their legal responsibilities, and helps equip them to fulfil their undertakings.
  • This is the type of course which may be mandated by a UK Traffic Commissioner when an organisation has been struggling to comply with their undertakings.
  • Helps those given responsibility for transport matters, referred to as ‘the responsible person’ by the Traffic Commissioner, to update their knowledge and apply best practice. Voluntary attendance of this type of course is looked on favourably by Traffic Commissioners.
  • Helps the organisation to understand the steps they should take to maintain a good Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS).
  • Applying the information in this course helps to protect the organisation’s O Licence and, ultimately, the entire business.
  • Suitable for all those whose role includes transport-related administrative tasks.
  • This course can count as 7 hours towards a total of 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training.

Operator Licensing:

  • Understanding what is required when applying for and gaining a Restricted Operator Licence, and ongoing maintenance
  • Establishing and monitoring robust processes and systems

Drivers' Hours Monitoring:

  • Drivers' hours rules and regulations, covering both GB Domestic and EU Rules
  • The Working Time Directive, including Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations
  • Correct tachograph management and effective record keeping

Managing Drivers:

  • Recruiting and employing permanent drivers, including driver handbook
  • Safeguards regarding agency drivers, including checking eligibility to drive
  • Understanding drivers' license categories, making regular checks of employees' licences
  • Training for drivers, including ADR for those involved in handling dangerous goods, and how to schedule Driver CPC training effectively

Current transport issues:

  • Bridge strikes - strategies and best practice for avoiding this serious issue

Managing Vehicles:

  • Keeping a well-maintained, roadworthy fleet
  • The importance of the daily vehicle walkaround check
  • Effective scheduling and recording of planned preventive maintenance
  • Accurate recording of defects and rectifications

Traffic enforcement:

  • The role of the DVSA and the police
  • DVSA Enforcement Sanctions Policy
  • Compliance checks and visits
  • DVSA Earned Recognition scheme

1 day (can count as 7 hours towards Driver CPC)

Course starts at 8:30am, please be prepared to attend early. Light lunch & refreshments will be provided.

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on enquiries@novadata.co.uk

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