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Novadata's Smartanalysis Tachograph Analysis service utilizes the leading internet-based tachograph analysis service for the UK transport industry. It assists anyone involved with transport management responsibilities by providing detailed tachograph data analysis, enabling them to ensure compliance with the law.

PriceOur analysis service is both cost-effective and totally compatible with both analogue and digital tachographs. As well as providing full reporting functionality for compliance with the European and GB Domestic regulations for drivers' hours, our service also provides a comprehensive record of your drivers' working time records and will give details of any infringements under the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations.


Legislation requires all transport operators to keep proper records and states that they are liable for infringements committed by their driver. It is therefore vitally important to check tachograph records regularly and to have a system to maintain adequate records of tachograph usage for each driver.

Novadata's Smartanalysis allows both digital and analogue data to be used for drivers' hours calculations and to be stored conveniently online. Analogue discs can be posted to us for scanning with the hi-res scans stored online; paper print outs from digital equipment can also be posted to us for scanning and record-keeping purposes. Digital data from both the driver card and the digital tachograph unit can also be remotely downloaded from the vehicle and uploaded to Smartanalysis.

Using your secure username and password, you can then access your information via the internet. So with Novadata's Tachograph Analysis service your analogue and digital tachograph data is both safe and easily accessible.

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