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DGSA Training and DGSA Consultancy

The new ADR laws on the transport of dangerous or hazardous goods, introduced in 2009, represent a fundamental shift in the regulations. To operate legally you must have appointed a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).
The ADR rules will be updated every two years (starting in January 2005) and only allow a six month compliancy period.
Novadata not only provides DGSA training but for the smaller business we can provide DGSA consultancy. 
What Should your DGSA provide for YOU?
Companies whose activities include the carriage, packing, loading, filling or unloading of dangerouse goods must appoint at least one Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) to prevent the risks apparent in those activities in regard to persons, property and the environment.
A DGSA is not required where the substances being dealt with are exempt to the regulations or activity is deemed as occasional and domestic journeys only.
To fulful their role as DGSA they have the following duties;
  1. Monitor compliance with the requirements of the carriage of dangerous goods
  2. Advise the undertaking on the carriage of dangerous goods
  3. Prepare an annual report to the management on the activities undertaken in the carriage of dangerous goods.
That seems quite straight foward doesn't it?
With so many service providers; there is a vast difference in what is provided for as a basic compliance package, and all those nice add-ons!
To comply fully, the DGSA in achieving the above duties has to monitor and advise on:
  1. Classification of dangerous goods is correct and can be transported
  2. That the practices when ordering transport includes special provisions and that the equiptment is evident for the operations, especially where sub-contractors are employed
  3. Ensure employees are trained and have operational procedures and instructions
  4. Ensure that documentation for the vehicles is correct and available
  5. Ensure emergency procedures are in place and also where required a security plan.
These should be the MINIMUM required by the DGSA provider as part of the initial package that you inveset in. If we seriously consider this, can this really be achieved by 1 visit per year?
When you are selecting the DGSA to represent you, either initially or when the contract comes up for renewal, consider the above, make sure you are getting coverage in all the key areas.
Novadata offer a cost effective solution to your DGSA requirements.

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