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What is the breath limit for coach drivers in France?

The limit is 0.2% and that is what a driver would be tested to by the French enforcement agency using their own digital breathalyser equipment.

However, there are no NF approved disposable breathalysers manufactured to 0.2%. At present there are only 2 manufacturers of NF approved breathalysers and they are at full capacity producing 0.5 breathalysers, so it will be some considerable time before any 0.2s are made and submitted for approval, if indeed they are required.

The French law makes no reference to whether a coach or lorry driver has to carry a different disposable breathalyser than that described in the decree i.e. 'all motorised vehicles other than mopeds must carry an NF approved disposable breathalyser; there is no mention 0.2 for coaches and 0.5 for others.

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