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DVSA Operator Licence Protection

We are able to provide support for all aspects of your vehicle or fleet operations. Why not let us help with the administration while you get on with your business?

Complete Administration - Don't spend valuable time struggling with the pile of paperwork required to administer your operatorís licence. We will make applications, variation and major changes on your instructions.

Systems Audit - Correctly implemented systems are vital for an efficient operation and safe operator's licence. Our consultants will audit your company systems and if necessary will advise, implement and monitor systems related to preventative maintenance, drivers daily checks, digital or analogue tachographs and driversí hours and health and safety regulations.

Legal Compliance - It is better to prevent offences occurring rather than having to later defend your company in a court of law. We can advise on and investigate road traffic offences and transport related legislation including speeding, overloading, driversí hours, PG9 offences, road traffic accidents, loading and construction and use regulations.
Prevention = staying in control
O License Holiday Cover

If your business has slowed you are unlikely to be considering a break in the current climate, let us provide you with the ultimate solution. Your transport manager is most likely either redundant, driving one of your vehicles or maybe not of the mind set to deal with the whole operation. We offer a complete service from a set of extremely experienced fleet operators who are also competent trainers covering the Driver CPC (September 2009) to name a few and are also qualified Fleet/O Licence/ Tachograph Auditors.

All we ask is that you agree to:

  • One day hand over period for the Relief to familiarise him/herself with your computer systems, schedules, driver rosters, service provider conditions etc. (should more time be required a greater fee to be agreed)
  • Agree well in advance the level of service you require, for instance the complete package.
  • Go on holiday owning a non compliant operation; come back to a compliant fleet/driver/operation
  • All drivers trained to you requirements/ or to become compliant
  • Full company audit including WTD/RTD/ O Licence and solutions implemented
  • OCRS score improved (if relevant)/maintained
  • Vehicle files housekeeping (Archiving unnecessary files)
  • Driver CPC course constructed based on the professionals opinion from his visit
  • HSE compliance covered, including staff inductions, fork lift usage register
  • Profitability maintained by reducing dead mileage by utilising our large client base
  • You will have access/use of spread sheets to contain working information regarding:
  • Drivers WTD/RTD infringement with solutions and prompts contained within
    Fuel Economy calculator
    Daily cost justification
    Route cause analysis
    Staff attendance
  • Inform DVSA of a New Transport Manager on O Licence
In brief:
Solutions offered
Driver CPC requirements identified


Enhanced Learning Credits
Road Haulage Association Institute of Leadership & Management
The Professional Drivers Association ISO 9001:2008

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