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How and when should I renew my Driver CPC?

You must repeat your periodic Driver CPC training every five years. On your Driver Qualification Card, which is also often referred to as a Driver CPC card, or simply as a DQC, you will see that there is an expiry date. This is stated at section 4b of your DQC. You must attend 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training before that expiry date. This is your periodic training deadline.

You can complete your 35 hours of Driver CPC training by attending 5 modules of 7 hours each, or you can attend a 5 day course which will allow you to complete all 35 hours in one week. (Sometimes this is scheduled across two weeks, or part of a week and a weekend, depending on availability.)

Many drivers will have the same deadline, because when Driver CPC was first introduced, bus and coach drivers were required to complete their first cycle of training before 9th September 2013 and LGV drivers were required to complete their first cycle of training in time to meet a deadline of 9th September 2014. There will therefore be a large number of drivers whose deadlines fall on similar dates, but it does not apply to every driver.

When you need to renew your Driver CPC can depend on a number of factors, such as when you passed your ordinary car driving test. It is essential, therefore, that you know exactly when your own deadline is, as stated at 4b on your DQC.

Your deadline is not only the date that your DQC expires, it is also the date by which you must have completed all 35 hours of Driver CPC training. You cannot drive after the expiry date if you have not completed all 35 hours of Driver CPC training and renewed your DQC. Do not wait until after your deadline to attend Driver CPC training, or you will not be able to drive until you have completed all 35 hours of Driver CPC.

In order to ensure that they fit in all 35 hours before the renewal date, some drivers now complete one 7 hour module of training each year, so they don't have to fit in 5 days of training all together as their deadline approaches. The Traffic Commissioners also favour this approach as it demonstrates a commitment by both drivers and operators to ongoing training and continuous professional development.

If you have left it until nearer your deadline to renew, don't panic, you can complete all 35 hours of Driver CPC training in one 5 day course. Please bear in mind, however, that because many drivers share the same deadline, demand for places can be very great, and it may be difficult to find a course with spaces closer to your deadline. If possible, please book well in advance in order to avoid missing your renewal deadline and being unable to drive.

You can book our PCV courses online here and our LGV courses here.
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