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PCV Modular Course

Price: £95.75 (icludes VAT & DGSA registration fee)

This new for 2019 Driver CPC course comprises of four 3.5-hour courses, that cover a wide range of issues that could affect drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles:
-    Customer Service
-    Disability Awareness
-    Vehicle and Fire Evacuation
-    The School Run
A 7-hour course can be made up of either two courses in any combination. Operators can tailor a combination of the 2 courses most suited to their individual requirements.

Benefits of attending:

The courses will help prepare drivers to provide first-class customer services with confidence and respect to all passengers including those with special requirements or disabilities. Furthermore, there is the option to consider the specific requirements concerning the School Run and to examine the appropriate measures to take in the event of an emergency; this may require passengers to be evacuated from the vehicle.

Course Content:

-    Customer Service
    Principles of customer care.
    Creating a positive first impression.
    The importance of communication.
    Dealing with complaints and relating well to angry customers.

-    Disability Awareness
    Understanding the barriers that customers with varying disabilities may face when using public transport.
    Recognising common signs that passengers have disabilities, especially 'hidden disabilities' such as mental health issues and learning difficulties.
    Confidently offering help and support when passengers are struggling.
    Responding to requests for help, assisting with wheelchairs and acceptance of guide dogs.
    Understanding anxieties and problems caused by unexpected delays and changes of schedule.

-    Vehicle Evacuation
    Examines the possible reasons for evacuating a vehicle.
    Explains good practise when dealing with a vehicle fire
    Contains a practical element to recreate potential real-life scenarios requiring a vehicle evacuation

-    The School Run
    Discusses the concept of safeguarding together with child-protection issues and the role a driver plays in this regard alongside teachers, school assistants, staff, transport operators etc.
    Examines consequences of bullying and bad behaviour
    Advises on appropriate methods to avoid or resolve conflict


1 day (7 hours towards Driver CPC)

Booking & Information:

Approved Course: CRS13173/35

This course starts promptly at 8.30am, please arrive in good time. Light lunch & refreshments are provided.

Please note: your online booking is subject to confirmation from Novadata.

This price includes the DVSA Registration fee of £8.75. People paying by cheque, credit card or by postal order

For training courses please note that a 25% deposit is required within seven days and the remaining balance at least 15 days prior to course commencement.

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on
If you are new to professional driving and took your car driving test after 1st January 1997, you may need to take Initial Driver CPC training in order to obtain your first DQC. Please call us on 01376 552999 for advice about the most appropriate training for you.

Course Dates

Course Date:
Braintree, Essex
£95.75inc VAT
Course Info: Customer Service and Disability Awareness

Driver CPC
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