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New Drivers' Hours Rules

Date: 02/04/2007

On 11 April 2007, the current Regulations governing drivers' hours changed, and Council Regulation (EC) No 3820/85 was replaced by Regulation (EC) No 561/2006. Although some of the rules remained the same, or broadly similar, some changes were implemented. The following tables are designed to give a brief overview .

A vehicle first registered before 1 May 2006 may be fitted with either an analogue or a digital tachograph. A vehicle first registered on or after 1 May 2006 must only be fitted with a digital tachograph. In the meantime, between 11 April 2007 and the date a tachograph is fitted, drivers must, in the case of passenger vehicles, keep an extract of the duty roster and service timetable, whereas the drivers of goods vehicles will need to keep manual records.

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