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FORS Audit Assistance

Operators and businesses wishing to become FORS accredited face a huge challenge simply to ensure that all the necessary procedures and policies are in place. This takes considerable time and effort and when you consider that only about a third of applicants pass first time it can seem like wasted effort and a waste of your valuable time. Even businesses who are already accredited face annual audits and are not guaranteed to pass; nor might they be aware of the ever-evolving expectations required to continue to remain an accredited operator.

This is where Novadata can help. Our experienced auditors can conduct a full health-check (and provide you with a comprehensive action plan detailing your business’ areas of strength and any weak points. In addition to the action plan, we can also provide a policies and procedures manual which is structured in line with FORS standards. This manual, together with the comprehensive health-check, will help your business to achieve the FORS approval or re-approval.

Please call or contact us to discuss your individual requirements and to see how Novadata can assist you.


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