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Driver CPC Training

Novadata is a JAUPT Accredited Driver CPC Centre, offering Driver CPC Training Courses ( Certificate of Professional Competence) for both Bus & Coach drivers - PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicles) and Lorry Drivers - LGV (Large Goods Vehicles).

According to EU regulations, all professional drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training every 5 years. Novadata’s Driver CPC training courses are an excellent way to make up the 35 hours of periodic training necessary to obtain your Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

We provide Driver CPC training courses including:

  • Initial Qualification - Full 35 hour 5 day training course 
  • 3.5 day
  • Individual CPC modules – 7 hr, 1 day courses

Novadata’s focus on improving skills, increasing safety and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation means that their Driver CPC training courses are carried out with regard to the latest legislative changes, and delivered to a high and experienced standard.


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