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Driver Training

Novadata provides the highest quality transport and logistics training for commercial drivers, including Driver CPC and Digital Tachograph training. Totally customer focused, we specialise in the development and delivery of professional training programmes for drivers to enhance skills, improve driver safety and ensure transport legislation compliance. All training programmes, where applicable, are approved by the relevant certifying bodies.

Focused on the positive embedding of best driver practices, we ensure that up-to-the-minute legislative changes are reflected in all our training programmes. Our goal is to establish a customer orientated, one-stop training solution for transport personnel that will meet all existing and future challenges facing professional drivers.
Novadata has always led from the front in terms of monitoring and appraising the delivery of driver training. This practice, complimented with over thirty years experience in commercial vehicle legislation and transport requirements, has influenced our robust and proven track record in driver and management training. We continue to value the experience, expertise and dedication of our qualified transport trainers, who, without exception, have backgrounds in the transport sector.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate at all levels. We believe it is this ability that contributes enormously to the success and popularity of our training programmes.

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