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Digital Tachograph Analysis Software

TachoTEKNovadata TachoTEK is one of the UK's most popular, user-friendly, offline, standalone digital tachograph analysis solutions. Novadata TachoTEK allows you to keep all your data from one or more vehicles on a single standalone computer.

To stay within legal requirements, you must download your vehicle’s digital tachograph and analyse the data at regular intervals. You must also keep accurate records of the data that you download. TachoTEK will help you to do this. There are solutions for both the Driver card and the Company Card to ensure that you never miss a deadline and stay within the rules on digital tachograph use. The TachoTEK driver edition now includes 28-day infringement reporting, while the company edition can provide managers with a variety of essential reports.

We also provide complete starter kits for both companies and drivers. Links to product pages

For a free trial, or for some advice on whether this is the best option for your fleet, please call us on 01376 552999 or email

Digital tachograph accessories and consumables are available in our online shop.

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