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Transport Manager CPC - Online Exams only

Unit R1 & P1 online exams

Please note: We have been advised that in 2020 online CPC exams will not be available. Please contact us on 01376 552999 for further advice on your current options.

However, Unit R1 & P1 paper-based CPC exams are still available

Should you decide to train independently, you must take your Transport Manager CPC Road Haulage (R1) or Passenger Transport (P1) Multiple Choice examinations at an OCR approved examination centre. Although e-Tests are taken online, they must be completed under strict examination conditions and invigilated, so we offer the opportunity to sit your exams with us, whether it is your first attempt or a resit, even if you have not trained with us.

Once you are logged in at our OCR approved centre, exams are automatically marked, so you will receive feedback on your results within minutes of completing the exam.

In order to pass the multiple choice assessment, candidates need achieve a score of 70% across the paper, consisting of 60 multiple choice questions based on both National and International elements of the syllabus. To score 70% candidates must achieve 42 of the 60 marks available. Candidates are not permitted to take or use any materials of any kind into the multiple choice examination (other than a non-programmable calculator and English/mother-tongue dictionary.)

Candidates can practice the multiple choice e-Test examination for either Road Haulage or Passenger Transport by looking on the OCR Website and selecting 'Sample e-Tests' and selecting the chosen subject.

Please note that only practice e-Tests can be accessed independently by a candidate. Examinations can only be accessed via an OCR examination centre.


The exam duration is 2 hours.

Booking and information:

Fee includes both the examination fee and an administration fee.

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on

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