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Driver CPC - Drivers' Legal Responsibilities

Price: £99.95 (includes VAT & DVSA registration fee)

This popular course covers a wide range of topics and issues designed to assist the professional driver to protect his/her vocational licence. It also raises a number of issues that remind drivers that they perform both a highly skilled and dangerous job, training drivers to drive both safely and legally. With so many changes in current legislation, this course is designed to simplify the jargon, provide sensible practical solutions and help you to stay legal.

Benefits of attending: 

Course content:

Rules affecting drivers:


Enforcement and Roadside Inspections:

Safety on the Road: 


1 day (7 hours towards Driver CPC)

Booking and information:

Approved course: CRS8774/35

This course starts at 8.30am, please be ready to attend early. Light lunch & refreshments are provided.

Please note: your online booking is subject to confirmation from Novadata.

This price includes the DVSA Registration fee of £8.75.

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on

If you recently passed your LGV driving test, you may need to take Initial Driver CPC training to obtain your first DQC. Check with a member of our team and we can advise you.


Driver CPC
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