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Transport Manager CPC (PCV) Refresher 1 day Course

Price: £300.00 (includes VAT)

As a transport manager, you should regard continuous professional development as important, and make time on your schedule for regular refresher training. The UK transport legislation framework can change quite rapidly, so it is essential to keep up to date with the transport industry law and best practice. Attending a Transport Manager CPC Refresher training course is not only widely regarded as an effective way to do this, it is strongly recommended by the UK Traffic Commissioners.

"A large number of operators appearing at public inquiry are still ignorant of exactly what is required of a transport manager."
(Richard Turfitt - Senior UK Traffic Commissioner)

Who should attend a Transport Manager CPC Refresher 1 day course?

A 1 day course provides ideal revision of any recent legislation changes, such as changes in Drivers Hours, for those who regularly take part in professional refresher training. If some years have passed since you gained your qualification or last attended Transport Manager CPC Refresher training, we recommend attending a 2 day course, which allows our trainers to cover subjects in more depth. 

If you are in contact with the Traffic Commissioner for any reason, especially if you have applied to be transport manager for an organisation, you are strongly advised to attend a 2 day course, which is often recommended by the Traffic Commissioner as the most appropriate.

If your organisation is under active investigation by the Traffic Commissioner or other authorities, or you have been summoned to a Public Inquiry, please book a 2 day Transport Manager CPC Refresher course as soon as possible. 

If you have a Restricted Operator Licence rather than a standard one, you should attend an Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course every few years instead. 

Benefits of attending a Transport Manager Refresher course: 

Our 1 day refresher course is the ideal way for you, as a transport manager, to refresh your knowledge of industry best practice, so that you can apply it in the workplace and ensure that you comply with your O Licence undertakings. 

Our Transport Manager CPC Refresher course helps you to maintain a healthy Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS), which is essential to safeguard your O Licence. 

This course can count as 7 hours towards the 35 hours’ periodic Driver CPC training needed to obtain or renew a Driver Qualification Card or DQC. 

Course Content:

Our 1 day Transport Manager CPC Refresher course takes a brief look at issues including the following:

Operator Licencing

Drivers' Hours Law

Driver Management

Vehicle Management

Compliance Checks & Monitoring


1 day

NB: 2 day courses are also available. A 2 day course is usually recommended by the Traffic Commissioner for anyone who has come to their notice for any reason. Please contact us for further details and advice as to which course best suits your requirements. Call 01376 552999 or email

Booking and information:

Courses start at 8:30am, please be early. Light lunch & refreshments are provided. 

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on


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