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TachoTEK Help Guide and FAQ

Our new comprehensive TachoTEK FAQ & Help Guide is now available.

This guide has been carefully complied to be your first port of call to aide in answering all of the questions which crop up on a regular basis. The guide features step by step instructions for using and troubleshooting TachoTEK as well as the related tasks such as downloading your Tachograph or troubleshooting your device.

Simply download the guide below to get started. Each topic in the contents is clickable, so you can easily navigate the help guide. You can also save or print the guide.

If you have any topics which you would like to see included or feel may be helpful for future users, please send a email to support@novadata.co.uk

For further assistance with TachoTEK please email support@novadata.co.uk or call 01376 552999 and ask for the Technical department.

Download the guide by clicking here or the image below (2.3MB) - opens in a new window:

Click Here to View TachoTEK FAQ PDF

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