2024 AI PSS DVS Kit

2024 AI PSS DVS Kit


The Progressive Safe System (PSS) is replacing the current DVS Safe System, More vehicles will be affected, and requirements are more stringent :

  • All vehicles rated below 3 stars will require a PSS (previously 1 star)
  • Vehicles with a Safe System must be upgraded to a PSS.

Non-compliant vehicles entering the zone may incur a £550 fine for the operator and £130 for the driver.

What is included

  • Front Facing Camera (1080p)
  • Near Side Camera (1080p)
  • 7” In Cab Monitor
  • AI Controller Unit (inc. 128 GB SD card)
  • External Alarm Speaker
  • In-Cab Speaker
  • In-Cab Alert
  • Can-bus Trigger Interface
  • Wiring Harness
  • GPS & WIFI antennae
  • Proprietary app for early Calibration

Designed, tested and certified to UNECE standards 151/159

  • Blind Spot & Moving Off Information Systems for the detection of pedestrians & cyclists, 
  • Guaranteeing compliance with TfL PSS requirements.

Internal Storage

  • AI capture events are recorded to included internal micro-SD card

Auto Mute Feature

  • Set hours of operation (day/night)

Use of Standard HD 1080p camera 

  • With the AI processing done in a central unit rather than in the cameras, any replacement, in case of accidental damage, is for a standard HD rather than costly AI camera.

Sleek, low-profile cameras

  • Achieve required coverage without the need for protruding AI cameras at high risk of damage and costly replacements.

Built in Wi-Fi

  • For systems calibration with included proprietary app for system set-up & calibration.


  • With any existing vehicle CCTV & recording equipment. 
£1,248.00 Incl. VAT
From £1,040.00
£1,248.00 Incl. VAT
From £1,040.00


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