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DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

Novadata is among the first transport industry experts to be working as both an auditor and an IT systems provider for the new DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme. This is currently a voluntary scheme which the DVSA are encouraging interested operators to apply to join. Successful applicants will need to undergo an audit which we at Novadata can carry out.

If you choose to take part, the DVSA will not have direct access to your data. Instead, you will be required to summit, electronically, a concise regular summary report using a compatible IT system. Novadata is one of the first IT system providers to be included on the DVSA website and our internet-based analysis service meets the requirements of the scheme.

The summary report provides the DVSA with details of ongoing performance against a set of predetermined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Compliance with these KPIs will act as an indication to the DVSA that the Operator is fulfilling their O-Licence undertakings and meeting both the expected driver and vehicle standards.

Operators who are members of the scheme will benefit tremendously as their drivers and vehicles are less likely to be stopped; leaving DVSA officials free to concentrate their efforts on ensuring that those who fail to fulfil their O-Licence undertakings will improve and comply; or to target repeat offenders more accurately with appropriate legal sanctions.

For advice on whether participation in the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is right for you, and for more information as to what is involved, please call us on 01376 552999 or email us on

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