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As well as general software downloads, many of our products require updating and additional downloads to add new features and to keep running well so we have grouped all the software downloads you may need into this one Section for your convenience.

Products including our Tachograph Simulator, Updates to TachoTEK and Digital Downloader Links can be found here...

Digital Tachograph Simulator

Please download the free tachograph simulator which has been designed to enable you to practise using a digital tachograph.

Please note: this program simulates the first generation VDO, Stoneridge and Actia units. The latest generation (from 2011 onwards) Stoneridge simulators can be downloaded from the Novadata website; the latest VDO simulators can be purchased by clicking here (link:

Download Digital Tachograph Simulator

Digital Downloader Software

To use the Novadat Smartanalysis digital tachograph solution you need to install some software on a computer in each location where you wish to download data from driver cards and vehicle units.

Digi Connect 5.20 Software

Download the latest version of the software that connects your digifob, digifobpro and digivu to your PC. Also contains firmware upgrades for digifobpro which are automatically deployed when a unit is connected. Firmware upgrades for the other devices are automatically deployed from our server when they are released.

TachoTek Update

To update your TachoTek3 software to the latest version please follow the link below

Driver CPC
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