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Fleet Maintenance Management

£1 per week, per vehicle

Novadata’s online Fleet Maintenance Management solution is highly efficient, cost effective, and allows you to manage your fleet effectively; whether you are in the office, working from home or away on business – wherever you have a stable internet connection. 

Our innovative new service helps you to manage and protect your Operator Licence, and to fulfil your undertakings as an O Licence holder. It is also compliant for use with the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, for which Novadata is a validated software and IT provider.


Intuitive calendar view

See, at a glance, all your scheduled activity, including planned maintenance and safety inspections, MOTs, tachograph calibration and more. 

Job management

Book projects and schedule tasks online. View the jobs you have scheduled, the progress achieved and a robust record of those that have been completed. Use this feature to create clear records of vehicle tax, insurance, servicing, safety inspections, MOTs, tachograph calibrations. Add your own unique tasks and processes. 

Automated reminders

Receive automated alerts and email reports to keep you compliant, and fully in the picture. With our Fleet Management solution, you need never miss a deadline for downloading, servicing, safety checks or inspections. 

Integration with other services

Our versatile online Fleet Maintenance Management solution can be integrated seamlessly with our other market-leading transport services:


Earned Recognition scheme accreditation

Our Fleet Maintenance Management module is validated for use with the Earned Recognition scheme, providing a robust digital vehicle maintenance system for your fleet. This can be integrated with other modules such as our Online Digital Tachograph Analysis service, which is also accredited for use with Earned Recognition. Please ask us for more details.

Expert support

Our service comes with expert support, amassed over more than 20 years’ experience in the transport industry. Our team are at hand to solve problems, answer enquires and make sure that you get the most from our Fleet Maintenance Management solution. 

Protect and manage your O Licence online

As an O Licence holder, you should be actively managing one of your organisation’s most important assets – your O Licence. Our online Fleet Maintenance Management system securely stores all the information, digital records and documentation you need to stay compliant and fulfil your legal obligations.  

Cost effective

You only pay for the features that you use – there are no hidden costs and no lengthy contracts to sign. We don’t even ask for advance payment, just a small weekly fee. 

Instant access to key documents

All your essential documentation can be stored online, so it is easily accessible for outside inspections; but also to assist with compiling board reports, or for forwarding to your insurance provider or other key suppliers.

Our new online Fleet Maintenance Management solution is invaluable for all professional transport managers.

For further information please call our team on 01376 552999 or email

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