Remote Download Devices for Digital Tachographs

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Remote Download Devices for Digital Tachographs


Many Transport Operators are now starting to look at automatic, remote download of digital tachograph data as a faster, lower cost and better way of safeguarding compliance with the regulations. Savings of around ten man hours per week are easily achievable with a modest fleet size of around twenty vehicles.

As the leader in tachograph analysis software I am happy to announce that Exentra have launched two remote download products from VDO and Tachosys for your customers to use with Smartanalysis.

Starting at £299 per vehicle, these products will enable you to meet any requirements for remote download of digital tachograph data. See Remote Download. These new products are available now. Call us on 01376 552999 or email:

Managing and controlling the process for downloading driver and vehicle data from the digital tachograph is time consuming and a real headache when drivers, vehicles and depots are spread around the country.

There is a faster, cheaper and better way

Automatic, remote download eliminates the burden of collecting tachograph data. Downloads can be scheduled to suit the Transport Operator's requirements and automated to guarantee compliance. Once set up there is no need to manage and control processes or rely on drivers.
Company Cards can stay in the office rather than being moved from vehicle to vehicle. Digital tachograph data can be transferred in the background from the vehicles over Wi-Fi at the operator's depots or via GPRS from any location in Europe and passed to Smartanalysis.
Join us on our open day where we will be demonstrating the many benefits of remote downloading.
New dates coming soon! 

Please call 01376 552 999 for more information.
 DigiDL Remote Digital Tacho Download - DIGIDL

Remote Download Devices for Digital Tachographs

Product Overview

The digiDL remote download device enables driver card and vehicle unit (VU) data to be downloaded direct from your vehicles and into smartanalysis, saving time and helping to ensure compliance with digital tachograph legislation.

Seamlessly download Tachograph data from your vehicles over WI-FI or GPRS

It is a legal requirement to download data from both the vehicle’s Digital Tachograph Unit and the driver’s card. This is a time consuming process and can represent a logistical nightmare when drivers and vehicles are spread across the country.

Automating the whole process

With digiDL installed in your vehicle(s) you can setup a schedule for download of both the Driver Card and the Vehicle Unit. All of this is handled in the background and files will be passed straight to smartanalysis.

The smartanalysis remote download solution allows you to hold the Company Card(s) in your office. The card is placed permanently in a card reader on any PC which has a connection to the Internet or local network (if it is a totally custom solution).

The digiDL makes a connection via WI-FI or GPRS to the Internet and in turn to your Company Card(s) via your service provider or your own network. The process authenticates as if the Company Card were in the vehicle. digiDL can now perform a download and passes the file(s) to smartanalysis via your company WI-FI or the GPRS network.

Key features

  • Remote download of any EU compatible Tachograph
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Supports multiple WI-FI networks
  • Centralised, scheduled downloads
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Send data to a nominated server or your own server
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Download via CAN-Bus
  • Remote download of Driver Card

* A mobile phone network GPRS contract is required, which is not included in the cost of the unit. We will be happy to discuss this with you, and can provide the data contract to suit your needs. Please call our Support Team on 01376 552999, or email

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