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The Driver Handbook – the innovative electronic solution 

Multiple versions, unlimited updates and unlimited push notifications 

This service page is for our personalised, branded version for multiple users. You can also purchase an unbranded off the shelf, one year, one driver version of The Driver Handbook in our products range here.

Our revolutionary electronic staff handbook allows you to manage staff communications and policy updates rapidly, efficiently and sustainably, using smart technology.  

No more printing, collating, filing or physical distribution. Our electronic handbook saves many hours of executive and administrative time as well as unnecessary print costs. This versatile module allows you to distribute handbooks through the app on mobile smart devices, removing the need to distribute physically, by post or internal distribution systems. Notify managers and drivers of changes instantly, even when out on journeys.  

The perfect replacement for outmoded and wasteful printed paper staff handbooks, this electronic management module allows you to ensure that your staff handbook is always up to date, providing instant, secure, online access to essential information for your entire team.  

Benefits of our electronic staff handbook module: 

  • Instant distribution of information updates to employees via app to mobile devices 
  • Robust audit trail of all your communications with employees 
  • Demonstrates compliance with legal communication obligations to employees 
  • Multiple handbook formats, for drivers, managers and support staff  
  • Monitor who has read what, and when 
  • Send push notifications as soon as something has changed 
  • Store critical information securely and accessibly online 
  • Saves time and resources by replacing printed options 

Integrates seamlessly with our digital tachograph analysis, remote downloading, vehicle check, driving licence check and fleet maintenance management modules. 

Features available with our electronic staff handbook module: 

Unlimited online storage: With our excellent electronic handbook you can tailor the handbook to each employee, and provide full information without ever needing to print a paper copy or subsequent updates. Your contents may include company policies, toolbox talks and any relevant information. Multiple versions ensure each handbook is applicable to each employee’s role.  

Accountability: For both drivers and managers, the electronic handbook creates a record of your communication; proof of what’s been read, agreed to and acknowledged. 

Ease of updating: Updates can be distributed in seconds to ensure that every employee has accurate, up to date, relevant information at their fingertips.  

Unlimited push notifications: Notify your employees instantly of every update and track in real time when they open and read new information.  

Digital staff handbook, stronger compliance 

HR compliant: Reflects human resources best practice on staff handbook provision. Instantaneous updates, distributions and notifications keep your lines of communication open with your team. Smart technology allows you to monitor when information is read, agreed and acknowledged, demonstrating that you have fulfilled legal obligations to employees.  

Operator undertakings compliant: helps you to fulfil your responsibilities and duty of care with regard to those who drive for work.  

FORS compliant: The content and the functionality of our staff handbook module is in full alignment with the requirements of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), making it an ideal option for those with, or working towards, FORS accreditation.   

Go fully digital for fleet management ease and efficiency 

The Digital Staff Handbook module integrates seamlessly with our other digital modules. Purchase on its own or as an addition to our full suite of modules:  

Digital tachograph analysis 

Vehicle check app 

Fleet maintenance management 

Remote downloading & vehicle tracking 

Driving licence check 

To find out more about this, or any of our digital service modules, please call 01376 552999 or email

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