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Transport Training Transport Training Novadata specialises in both Driver and Management Courses Our training courses are tailored to suit all levels of transport personnel. Both drivers and management are given the skills to drive your business forward.
Transport Training
Transport Products Tachograph Products Supplying essential transport products for company and driver
A comprehensive range of transport support items from digital tachograph products, charts and accessories to PPE, vehicle signs, driver kits and vehicle equipment.
Transport Training
Transport Services Transport Services Our services assist you to operate safely, legally and profitably
In addition to tachograph analysis we offer specialist assistance in the event of accidents, assist with VOSA inspections and help identify developing problems.
Transport Training

Welcome to Novadata Transport Training
Driven by excellence...
Novadata has been providing transport training for 20 years. This includes Driver CPC courses, Management CPC Courses, Digital Tachograph training, DGSA training, Drivers' Hours Law and ADR Training.

Drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (under 3.5 tonnes for ADR regulations) are responsible under the law in ways that go far beyond that of any other profession. Employers also have legally enforceable responsibilities for the training and actions of their drivers. Understanding and implementing the law is a joint responsibility and failure to do either could result in prosecution in court or the suspension/loss of the Operating Licence at a Public Inquiry.

Novadata training courses are tailored to suit all levels of transport personnel - drivers and management. They can be held at your company offices or as day and half-day courses at our own venues. Theory and practical topics are covered with certification and follow up assessment/monitoring where required. All our trainers, specialist transport consultants and legal advisers have been carefully selected and offer a unique and unrivalled combination of experience and expertise in transport and logistics issues.

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Some Special News!
Latest News ... from both Novadata and the industry
# 23-10-2017 - Novadata aids transport operators working towards DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme
Novadata is among the first transport industry experts to be working as both an auditorand an IT systems provider for the new DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Pilot.
# 12-10-2017 - Agricultural tractors "likely" to require an O-licence
Agricultural tractors that carry out commercial haulage will be subject to roadworthiness testing requirements from next year - and are likely to fall under the O-licensing regime.
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