Restricted Operator Licence Audit

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If you transport your own goods, such as tools, equipment and materials used in your normal work, and you do not transport other people’s goods for them, you will have been issued with a Restricted Operator Licence (O Licence). A Restricted O Licence might sound less challenging to maintain than a Standard O Licence, but it carries all the same legal responsibilities. 

Keeping your O Licence depends on maintaining a healthy Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS). Restricted O Licence holders are not required to hold the Transport Manager CPC qualification as Standard O Licence holder are, but they must use the same knowledge. In order to protect your O Licence, you must have all the necessary processes and systems in place to ensure that you comply with the relevant legislation, keep accurate records and can produce robust evidence of your compliance if asked for by the authorities. 

In our experience, a lot of Restricted O Licence holders are not fully aware of their legal responsibilities. A large proportion do not have the necessary processes and systems in place to maintain a healthy OCRS. Many are not sure where to start.  Most of these do not realise that they are putting their Restricted O Licence at risk. 

Don’t put your O Licence at risk – we can help

Our cost-effective Restricted Operator Licence Audit is tailored to each individual business. Designed to identify the weaknesses in your processes, it will help you to understand what you need to do to strengthen your compliance to achieve and maintain a healthy OCRS in future.

Among other things, our audit will examine:

  • Operator Licence undertakings
  • Safety inspections
  • Digital & analogue tachograph procedures
  • Drivers' hours systems - advice, monitoring, analysis, non-compliance action.
  • Accident records, Health & Safety systems
  • Managing drivers – eligibility to drive, pay records, disciplinary procedures.

Our auditor will provide detailed reports, including:

  • Discrepancies between required and actual performance.
  • Problem area analysis.
  • Improvements that should be implemented.
  • Performance comparisons between depots.

We will give you valuable insights into:

  • Understanding OCRS - how it works and how an operator can use OCRS to monitor performance and protect their reputation as a compliant operator.
  • Dealing with DVSA, Police and other enforcement agencies – insights into what could happen in an enforcement inspection.
  • The consequences of failing an inspection.

Don’t wait to take action

If a Traffic Commissioner is made aware of three or more unsatisfactory risk scores, you will probably find yourself in serious trouble. You could even lose your Restricted O Licence. 

If you lose your Restricted O Licence, your business could come to an abrupt halt. It could put you out of business altogether. 

Using the insights gained from a Novadata audit, you will be able to put the correct systems and processes in place, so you can be confident of operating safely and legally in the future. Take action before you come to the attention of a Traffic Commissioner for being non-compliant.

For a quote for your Restricted O Licence audit, please call 01376 552999 or email