CT-TachoTEK Company Edition

CT-TachoTEK Company Edition


The latest edition of our tried and tested TachoTEK standalone software is the new, improved CT-TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Company Edition. This is an ideal solution for supporting both road haulage and passenger transport companies throughout Europe in managing their digital driver cards and digital tachograph vehicle units.

Supplied, ready, with a driver card reader, CT-TachoTEK is ideal for any operator with multiple vehicles and drivers (three or more), who will require more detailed reporting features than our Driver Edition. CT-TachoTEK standalone software enables operators not only to display and print-out data from their driver cards, but also allows them to analyse driving and resting times and schedule working and availability times, as well as perform additional functions including full infringements reporting, producing drivers’ letters and highlighting any faults and events, including driving without a card.

CT-TachoTEK allows transport managers to produce a wide variety of reports which help to create robust accurate records. It includes handy download reminders which act as prompts to ensure that download deadlines are not missed.

CT-TachoTEK also supports remote downloading from all our remote downloading devices.


  • Standalone software – one-off purchase – no annual subscription
  • Reading and archiving of the driver card and VU data
  • Graphical presentation of all driver card and VU data
  • Printing of driver's infringement letters
  • Printing of drivers daily/weekly/monthly activities
  • Driver card download reminder
  • Multiple branches/departments
  • Driving without a card report
  • Data Import & Export facility
  • Detailed Speed graph
  • Over-speed reports
  • NEW: Enhanced Working Time report
  • Includes heavy duty card reader
  • Licence dongle for added security
  • Remote downloading supported
  • Highly responsive IT support

System Requirements

Can only be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows - Windows 10 & Windows 11 are currently supported.

Not compatible with Macs, iPads or Chromebooks.

A download tool will be required to read the vehicle unit, (see our CT-TachoTEK Starter Kits).

£654.00 Incl. VAT
£654.00 Incl. VAT
£654.00 Incl. VAT


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