digiCAN Slide

digiCAN Slide

Product Code: DDLDCS01

The digiCAN Slide attaches to an existing pair of CAN bus wires (high and low) to listen to and retrieve the data from the CAN bus. It is not electrically connected and so cannot transmit data to the CAN-Bus.

The digiCAN Slide is designed to be used with the digiDL-HX. It slides onto the CAN Hi and CAN Lo cables on the Enhanced Tacho Cable (ETC) and then plugs into the FMS port on the back of the digiDL-HX.

In order to monitor the CAN bus to see the available data parameters on each vehicle, you can purchase the digifobpro CAN Kit.

While the availability of specific parameters can vary based on vehicle make, model, and configuration, the below list contains commonly expected data parameters on the CAN bus of HGVs and PSVs:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): The unique ID number assigned to the vehicle.

Total Fuel Used: Total amount of fuel used.

Fuel Level: Current level of fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Odometer: Total distance covered by the vehicle.

Engine Temperature: Current temperature of the engine.

Ambient Temperature: Current temperature of air surrounding the vehicle.

Vehicle Speed (Wheel-based): Current vehicle speed.

Engine Speed (RPM): Provides rotational speed of the engine.

Accelerator Pedal Position: Provides the ratio of the position of the accelerator pedal.

Brake Pedal Status: Indicates when the brake pedal is being pressed.

Gear Selection: Indicates the current gear.

Engine Load: Engine percent load at current speed.

Cruise Control: Indicates when cruise control is active.

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£42.00 Incl. VAT
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