digiDL-H / HX KlineMOD

digiDL-H / HX KlineMOD

Product Code: DDLH01-KL

To purchase this device please contact our support team via 01376 552999 or support@novadata.co.uk

The KlineMOD is an add-on module that seamlessly integrates with the digiDL-H and digiDL-HX to support front-port remote download on VDO tachographs.

You may be required to purchase a VDO ‘Front Interface Update Card’ to unlock the front port for remote download.

The KlineMOD is linked at the time of order based on serial number to the digiDL-H or digiDL-HX. This ensures easy device management and does not require separate configuration. The digiDL-H or HX requires its configuration as normal.

See our KlineMOD installation guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install it. You will also need to follow the respective installation guide for the digiDL-H or digiDL-HX.

For VDO DTCO version 2.2 and earlier, remote download via the front port must be enabled by inserting a 'VDO Front Interface Update Card'.

VDO product codes:

A2C59512046 - 1 unlock

A2C59512047 - 5 unlock

For VDO DTCO version 3.0 and later, you require a license code which is entered in the tachograph menu. VDO product code:


£432.00 Incl. VAT
From £360.00
£432.00 Incl. VAT
From £360.00

  • Add-ons

  • Company Card Hosting (Annual)
  • Sim Card + digiCentral - digiDL-H (Annual)
  • Sim Card + digiCentral - digiDL-HX (Annual)
  • Installation


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