FORS Audit Assistance

Operators and businesses wishing to become FORS accredited must ensure that all the necessary procedures and policies are in place. This, quite rightly, takes considerable time and effort. Not everyone passes first time, so it makes sense to make the most of your valuable time and resources when preparing to apply for membership. FORS membership is a mark of your best practice and expertise, so is well-worth having, providing an invaluable customer reassurance, indicating that yours is a trustworthy and professional business.

Businesses who are already accredited must also pass an annual audit. This can also require an investment in time and resources, as members must demonstrate that they continue to meet the expectations for accredited operators.

Novadata can help

Our experienced auditors can conduct a full health-check and provide you with a comprehensive action plan, detailing your business's areas of strength, as well as identifying any weak points. In addition to the action plan, we can also provide a policies and procedures manual which is structured in line with FORS standards. This manual, together with our comprehensive health-check, will help your business to achieve FORS approval and continue to operate to the required high standards.

Please call 01376 552999 or email us at us to discuss your individual requirements and to explore how we can assist you.