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Vehicle Tracking and Remote Downloading

Novadata's Convey Vehicle Tracking and Remote Downloading module puts you in real-time control of your vehicle fleet data, providing up to the minute digital information which allows you to manage your fleet more safely and efficiently.

As with all our Convey modules, the Vehicle Tracking and Remote Downloading module can be used as a highly cost effective standalone tool, or as part of a suite of modules which provide a comprehensive digital management tool for today's professional transport manager.

Features and benefits

Live digital tachograph data

You no longer need to wait for the driver to download information to feed back to base; instead you can see, in real-time, data such as tachograph modes, total drive times and driver rest periods.

Remote tachograph downloads

Never miss a download deadline. Remotely download each vehicle digital tachograph unit and driver card. No waiting; all your vehicle and driver information is available for analysis when you need it.

Multi maps

This module includes maps in high definitition with multiple options on demand, including different layers and smart clustering.


Enjoy all the same benefits of monitoring and access to data on international journeys, as well as throughout the UK. GPS tracking allows you to monitor your vehicles anywhere.

Lone worker safety

This module allows you to check on those working alone to help ensure their safety. It includes checking at regular timed intervals and offers man down detection, allowing you to take prompt action to assist in an emergency. 

Driver ID

We provide an option to assign a key fob and ID to each individual driver so you can see instantly who is driving each vehicle. The individual key fob ID can be restricted to prevent misuse of company assets.

Sub accounts

Set up sub groups within your fleet for ease of monitoring, and set up customised access and security levels with unlimited number of users.

Fuel monitoring

Provides analysis of fuel consumption for each individual vehicle, so you can address issues and encourage changes in driver behaviour to reduce overall fuel usage.

Temperature monitoring

Real time monitoring of the temperature and humidity in refrigerated units, in both the unit as a whole or individual refrigerated zones.

Engine diagnostics

Be aware of engine issues even before the driver is! As a real benefit to planned and preventative maintenance, this module can provide real-time engine diagnostic code alerts, which allow you to address any engine issues promptly.

Extensive reports

A wide range of reports can be generated either on demand or as a set regular schedule, so all key members of your organisation can be kept informed of the operational status of the fleet.

Enjoy fully customisable alerts and prompts which can be delivered by mobile, email or via the system itself, so you never miss a deadline or a significant event.

Integration with other services

Our online Vehicle Tracking and Remote Download module can be used in conjunction with our other modules, all of which help the transport professional to manage more effectively. 

Expert support

As with all our online modules, our Vehicle Tracking and Remote Downloading module is backed with expert support and technical advice to help you to get the best from your investment.

For further information, please contact our team on 01376 552999 or email

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